Elegant Beast of the De Costa Family ~


Elegant Beast of the De Costa Family

Written by: Kita Midori

Illustrations by: Kazuaki

Volumes: Five

Publisher: B’s Log Bunko

Rozabella finds herself without any living relative. Much to her surprise,  she is approached by the three De Costa brothers, who claim to be her cousins, offering to make Rozabella one of the family. Rozabella is shocked when she discovers she must marry one of the siblings..?! A game of love between the beautiful and dangerous monsters has only just begun! Whatever their true intentions, Rozabella finds herself part of their powerful, underworld family!


The only female descendant of the De Costa Family, Rozabella ( “Rosy” ) is extremely shy and timid.


The second son. Known for his blunt and sarcastic tongue, which tends to keep others away.


The eldest son. At first glance you would assume Emilio was just gentlemanly and well-mannered, but in reality he spends his time scheming for the sake of the Family.


The third son. Mischievously playful, yet at the same time is known to suddenly fly into a rage.

My intent is to provide chapter summaries, so please look forward to it~! Screen Shot 2014-09-05 at 7.04.36 PM

Not quite dead yet, A.K.A., I hath returned~!

I am insanely sorry about my incredibly long absence! College was overwhelming, and I spent most of my summer at a place with no internet… (though I enjoyed myself immensely) I also wasn’t able to play otoge much… /sad Even though this is my most trying semester yet, I really wanted to continue Peachi Dreami, at least for my sanity sake~ I am happy to announce my return from the dead, with a few minor announcements~!

* Peachi Dreami is getting an updated look~
* I’m going to begin light novel / drama CD summaries/descriptions (the kind girls who play otoge would enjoy❤)
* weekly updates~ (eventually biweekly, but for now weekly haha)

||o(*ゝω・*)o|| aaand that’s all for now~ please don’t leave meee stick around and enjoy~! ❤

❤ Quick impressions ❤

I finished Hibiki’s route in “Harajuku Tantei Gakuen”~ From completing his route, I discovered the easiest way for me to play otoge. I used to try to finish one game each time, which becomes tedious after a while. I mean, I adored Harajuku Tantei Gakuen and all the characters, but I knew my love for the game would likely dwindle after so many continuous playthroughs. So, you may ask yourself what my brilliant idea was? I shall tell you. Instead of going from finished game to finished game, I’m going from route to route (in different games). Now, you may say that isn’t such an original idea, but It came as quite the revaluation to me, so~ ヾ(:3ノシヾ)ノシ

Anyway, back to Hibiki. His route was absolutely adorable~ I love, love love him~ The only thing that I did not like was how there was never a kissing CG. The closest you get is a hugging CG. Once you finish this route it gives you a little glimpse of them in the future~ while I would have liked to see something a little more, oh, ROMANTIC, nevertheless it was sweet. (even if they did un-short my cutie pie…) Towards the end of the game they kind of just threw uninteresting CGs at you. I hate to keep harping, but if you’re going to get all free with the events, you could at least put in something sweet and fluffy~

I also finished Rin’s route from “Bunmei Kaika: Aoiza”. My first thoughts upon completion was “whaaa? Is that it? That was so sudden! Wait! I must have gotten the bad ending! Noooo~!” Turns out, nope, that was the good ending (whew) but it was rather abrupt. In the good ending Erin stays and in the bad ending she goes. (I named the heroine “Erin”… *hides from shame*) I should have done the bad ending first, because it depressed the heck out of me. (つд`) I was like nooooo~! Must I cannot unfeel the sadness!

I began Koibana Days, but I put it aside because I had some older games I should start finish first~ After playing Bunmei it seemed rather lackluster, but only because its so calm and sweet. I started the first drama CD (I can’t remember if its the one for the pre-order or LE… sorry!) and squealed when I heard Yonaga’s flustered voice~ He doesn’t sound *AS* fluffy-sweet as he normally does (more soft and educated) so its very interesting. I like the game so far, even with what little I’ve played~ One thing that really surprised me was how a few of the characters’ voices don’t seem to match their appearance, you know? I remember thinking the same thing when I first heard their voice clips on the official site, but I completely forgot. So when I heard Tsubaki’s voice again I was all like:

I decided to do a route in Issho ni Gohan, since that was one of the games I’ve had for a while that I never touched. (I was kind of savoring it) Akane Mugibata is the heroine of Issho ni Gohan. She is positively ADORABLE <3 She is so cute~ Her little angry face is so adorable it was killing me! I want more heroines like Akane!

Akane attends Hanarenjaku Culinary College (she just enrolled, I believe). Not so she can learn to cook, but for the business aspect. Sadly she has lost her job at the bakery, not because she was dipping into the till but because they suddenly closed. Okay… She’s hungry and tired and conveniently faints while searching for a job. (so lazy) Satou is there to save the day, though! Yay! He’s the landlord at a nearby dormitory called Meshi-yasou. Today is Akane’s lucky day, because after she tells Satou what is going on he suggests she become his temporary replacement as landlord to Meshi-yasou. I was like: Really? щ(ಠロಠщ) She just fainted because she didn’t have enough sense to consider what would happen if she lost her job for whatever reason, and you want her to be in control of your livelihood? Yeah, THAT makes sense…

Akane agrees, and that’s pretty much were everything begins. You’re introduced to the tenants and free from there. I used a guide but I don’t think you’d have a problem doing it without one. The adorable character chibis show you were your beau is, even being nice enough to show whether talking to them will raise your cooking or affection stats (sometimes both) When my particular beau was nowhere to be found for the day I’d either find who would raise my cooking or talk to the cat. Sometimes to raise your cooking you have to answer a cooking question correctly, so a guide would be handy for that. (if you aren’t savvy with Japanese cooking vocabulaire, etc)

As mentioned, I chose Nao as my first beau. I wasn’t really interested with him before starting but I had just finished reading “Wuthering Heights” and was greatly grieved about Linton Heathcliff’s fate. As such, I wanted to go after a sickly (or delicate) character. That’s why I chose Nao ( in my head I’d refer to him as Linton. When telling people about the game I kept calling him Linton). When you first meet Nao, he’s asleep on the floor. Nao is from Kyoto, so he has an accent. He was my first time dealing with a character that does kanto-ben, so at first I was like “huh? Nao, what are you doing…?” Then I wrapped my head around it did research and was like Oooh~ I mean, it isn’t so much were you can’t understand what he was saying. Just that he’d use some special declaratives, things like that. If I could tell what was going on, then no one else has reason to worry. His accent was adorable, by the way, and I really liked Nao soon after starting his route. I enjoy delicate/sickly characters, though.

Before I get into my personal impressions of Gohan, let me just say that contrary to what my impressions might imply, I really enjoyed it. It was colorful and fun, with easy mechanics and characters I enjoyed~ I thought it was bright and chipper, perfect for summer~

Issho ni Gohan Impressions

Why doesn’t Yonaga have a proper route?! His character had his own drama CD, for crying out loud! (so it isn’t like he was a sub-character. Even though you *can* get Tama CGs, or at least one that I know of)

If I’m doing *this* character’s route, why am I spending waaaay more time with *that* character?

The makers must have really, really like Satou… ’cause he’s everywhere!

For Satou giving Akane the position because he wouldn’t be around, he’s sure there a lot.(⊙ヮ⊙)

Nao only gets nine CGs… and most of them come right before the game ends.

I had more interactions with the cat than I did Nao. (just kidding. But at the beginning, yeah, it felt that way)

Three choices before the ending they throw some sudden turmoil at you. Why? As far as I remember there was no mention of this threat earlier, and then BAM! It hits you with manufactured conflict.

For a cooking game, I only did three mini games… (but then I only played one route)

There are a lot of great BG songs, but they seemed to really, really like the clown song. not its real name

The characters blink. That’s bonus points from me.

Nao’s route was really short, but then he wasn’t in a proper cooking class. Curry-guy also only had nine CGs, which is why I think some of the CGs must be school related. (since he’s long graduated and works or owns a curry place. I don’t remember which)

Here are the openings for some of the games mentioned~

いっしょにごはん。Portable OP

恋デイズ OP

原宿探偵学園 スチールウッドop

That’s all for now~ next post expect a otoge haul and my first impression of Kaminaru kimi to and shiratsuyu no kai

Koibana days characters~!

There has been a lot of newsworthy updates from the world of otoge. Naturally, most all of this news is old news by the time I mention it here… I’m working on getting faster, I promise!

Diabolik Lovers is not only getting more drama CDs, but a Fan Disk and animated to boot! What’s hilarious is after I began playing “Haunted Dark Bridal” I joked to myself about DiaLovers getting turned into an anime… and now it is. Naturally, I take all credit for this miracle.

The Sakimoto siblings get a rival vampire sibling group! Oooh~! I pretty much like all the new characters, but Azusa is my favorite. Putting Kanato (S) and Azusa (M) in the same room should be a riot. I didn’t like the original game (besides Kanato, but even that in retrospect was probably a combination of Yuuki Kaji + shortie pie), but I’m finding myself interested in the FD, much to my dismay. I’ll have to see what other releases are out during the time. Maybe my “otoge” budget will save prevent me from being able to buy it

(/ *^*)/

Honeybee has announced two new projects; Photograph Journey and Colorful*Step. True to honeybee fashion, each title is being split into three separate games. Very little is known about the new titles yet, but I think there was an article in one of the last Dengeki Girl’s Style, so I won’t know till it arrives. Okay, there’s a lot of info online, but that’s cheating. I’ll wait till my magazine comes in, thank you very much. Photograph Journey’s site only teases that “You received one letter, and the story begins from there…”


Photograph Journey

Glass Heart Princess is getting a Fandisk. Toki ni Kizuna is getting a Fan Disk. EVERYONE GETS A FANDISK! No, not really. my favorites don’t

Koibana Days was released ages ago, but of course I haven’t received my copy yet. Therefore, I shall be doing brief character information as I await its arrival. I tried my hardest to avoid spoilers, so they may seem a tad lackluster. _( ´ ¬ `」∠)_

Misaki Hana (CV: none, unless you do read her lines allowed and in that case YOU are the CV!)

The heroine, Misaki Hana. Her grandfather gave her a seed when she was young, and it’s either dead or magical as it hasn’t grown yet. She decides to attend an academy that deals in gardening, which is run by twin sisters who dress like they’re princess. (their rival school is an agricultural school X3) Hana has a cheerful personality (didn’t see that one coming) and she loves flowers. Considering the whole theme of the game is “flowers”, I would hope she likes them.

Araragi Tsukasa (CV: Nobuhiko Okamoto)

He’s top in the cultivation department, and is known as the “Prince of Orchids” because he’s admired for his talent in growing orchids. His flower is  Phalaenopsis, which I believe is the scientific name for orchids? Araragi grows flowers because he believes flowers = money.


Himukai Youta (CV: Takuya Eguchi)

Youta’s flower theme is sunflowers, and he’s known as the cheerful mood maker of the cultivation department. Regardless of his hyper disposition, his actual growing results are always extremely bad…

Yurisawa Eishi (CV: Tetsuya Kakihara)

Eishi is the student-body president, and is known as the “White Lily King”. (they’re all over titles at the academy) With this in mind, it isn’t surprising that his flower is lilies. He is known for his gentle disposition and natural kindness, and acting like an old man. (he forgets things easily, apparently) Oh, he also has a fan-club.

Saotome Tsubaki (CV: Daisuke Namikawa)

The student council vice-president, his flower is the Camellia. His “wealthy personality” (pompous) makes him stand out. He’s the Arrangement Department’s “Oresama” character.

Takaoka Kikunosuke (CV: Ryōhei Kimura)

The arrangement Department’s “Megane character”. He has been nicknamed “Kiku-chan” by the sisters. He likes to casually touch girls (eluding to a lecherous or flirtatious nature, I would assume), being his “special talent”.

Sumidate Ritsuto (CV: Yonaga Tsubasa) *.⋆( ˘̴͈́ ॢ꒵ॢ ˘̴͈̀ )⋆.*

Ritsuto is a talented prodigy whose flower is the viola. He’s won many flower competitions, but his main interest lies in studying the relationship between music and the cultivation of flowers.

News I’m interested in: (so you might be too!)

* Otomate has announced a new game game, “Chrono Stacia”
* The Pia Carrot series is doing an otoge, called “Prince Pia”.
* Akaya Akashiya Ayakashi no is getting ported to the PSP~! I love this series!
* Meiji Tokyo Renka is getting ported to PSP~
* Mio has announced Asaki, Yumemishi ~hitotose~

Games I’m super duper interested in:

* Kamigami no Asobi
* Shiratsuyu no Kai
* Meiji Tokyo Ranka PSP
* Prince Carrot
* Akaya Akashiya Ayakashi no PSP
* Brothers Conflict ~ Brilliant Blue ~
* Photograph Journey
* Colorful*Step
* Dot Kareshi

non-otoge interested

* Legend of Heroes : Trails in the Flash
* Tears to Tiaras II
* God Eater 2
* Tales of Xillia

Yes, that was worth it, now wasn’t it? _(:3」∠)_ I just received my issue of Dengeki Girl’s Style so expect a summery next post!

Hibiki’s route guide | 1 | + Mizu no Senritsu

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Wow, I was going to all the trouble of writing out the guide in English… until I realized what I was doing. (-3-)

Hibiki guide ~ part 1

Key: (location) [action] Correct Choice

[ 調べる ] 背中のナイフ / 右手

(職員室) [ 聞き込み ] 比良坂京介 / 果物ナイフ

(保健室) [ 聞き込み ] 比良坂京介 / 果物ナイフ / 怪我をした / ボタン

(職員室) [ 聞き込み ] 南辰巳 / 白衣

課題報告書 4月

1. 被害者は[ 比良坂京介 ] / 使われた凶器は[ 果物ナイフ ] 

2. 犯人は[ 青山麻衣子 ][ 好意を持っていた ]。 [ 青山麻衣子 ]は被害者と[ 友達付き合いだった ]。犯人は被害者に[ 嫉妬 ]し, [喧嘩]に乗じて殺害した。

3. 犯人は[ 南辰巳 ]である

・ 美里響を誘う・ 大通り・ 違う国に来たみたいじゃない?・ 学園生活は大丈夫そう?

(第1実習室) と / し / よ | 美里くんと休んでいる | ⑮実用書・右側上から2番目の棚 | 3段目左から2冊目・1段目左から1冊目 | 穴が空いている | 

室内を見下ろしてみる | こ / う / も

・ 美里響を誘う ・ 竹下通り・ 普段はどんなものを作ってるの? ・ やっぱり洋服が好きかな

(職員室)  [聞き込み]    以前も逃げたことがありますか?/あげていたエサは何ですか?/子供を産んだことありますか?

(住宅街1区) [聞き込み] アイリーン / ネコ缶スペシャルかに味

(路地裏) イベント発生

(住宅街2区)  [聞き込み]   アイリーン

( ファッションショップ)  [聞き込み]  アイリーン

[住宅街1区]   足跡4ヶ所全部 / 真ん中下の写真 / 6月19日 午後9時 / 自分と美里くんで組む

[住宅街1区]    (聞き込み)    秘密の路地裏?

・ 美里響を誘う

・ 竹下通り

・ 春野狭くん

・ ライバルは明日の友達だよ

・ 期末試験

・ みんなでプールに行く

・ 河童に挨拶を……

・ 学園入る前、どれくらい勉強した?

(直子の部屋)  [聞き込み]  遺産相続 / 長男・孝 / 長女・花 / 次男・友也 / 三男・修治 / 次女・美也子

(職員室)  [聞き込み]  長男・孝 / 次男・友也

(宿泊部屋)  [聞き込み]  長女・花

(ホール)  [聞き込み] 三男・修治 / 一番最後に死んだ長男・孝 /  犯人に殺されそうになった /  長男・孝 /   外に出る / 美里くんと行く / ナイフ / 紙

長男・孝 / [ ショック ]が原因で[ 転落死 ]。犯人は[ いない ]

長女・花 / [ 遺産相続 ]が原因で[ 刃物で胸部を刺された ]。犯人は[ 三男・修治 ]

次男・友也 / [ 遺産相続 ]が原因で[ 刃物で胸部を刺された ]。犯人は[ 三男・修治 ]

三男・修治 / [ 遺産目当て ]が原因で[ 体の数か所を刃物で刺された ]。犯人は[ 長男・孝 ]

次女・美也子 / [ なし ]が原因で[ なし ]。犯人は[ いない ]

~and that’s about where I got to~

next post will feature part 2~!


Title: Mizu no Senritsu

Platform: Originally released on the PS2 and then ported to the PSP

I’m sorry there isn’t much info, but I haven’t played the game yet and didn’t want to go into too much detail until I try it out first hand~

After ten years away, Hina returns to the town where she once lived because her parents are now living overseas. Everything is fine until strange things begin to happen… (naturally)

Shiraishi Hina

The Heroine. She’s very positive and cheerful. (uum… it’s not like every heroine isn’t)

Kirihara Takuya

A senior in Highschool. His brother is a teacher at the school he and Hina attend. His hobby is making plastic models. He prefers quiet places and he likes sweets. He isn’t too fond of traditions.

Kirihara Takahito

A teacher who works at the school Hina and Takuya attend. He also happens to be Takuyo’s older brother. His hobby is reading and he prefers to be alone. He is level-headed and calm, though he dislikes socializing and photos. (having his photo taken, I assume)

Kagara Shuuchi

Attends Youaki Gakuen (I assume. I’m not sure how they want you to read the kanji…), which is a school that Hina and company come in contact with. Shuuchi is very charismatic and people enjoy his company, though he is very selfish. His hobbies are music, and he enjoys playing the piano and violin. He has considerably musical skill, especially regarding the piano. He doesn’t like taking orders from others.

Akizuki Kei

A 2nd year at Youaki Gakuen. He’s steadfast, honest and serious. His hobbies are all things to help in self-discipline, such as strenuous walks and mountain climbing. He does’t like to hurt others.

From what other otogemers have said about Mizu no Senritsu, it isn’t that great of a game and the sequel is much more enjoyable. I’m easily amused though, so I’m looking forward to it. ( / ʘ ワʘ)/

I’m going to finish Harajuku Tantei Gakuen before beginning any new otoge (on the PSP), so the order is going to be:

Harajuku Tantei Gakuen ➝ Issho ni Gohan ➝ Eikoku Tantei Mysteria

~ and the routes are going to be :

{ Harajuku Tantei Mysteria }

Hibiki ➝ Yuu ➝ Juunosuke ➝ Kyousuke ➝ Kaoru

{ Issho ni Gohan }

Hikaru ➝ Yousuke ➝ Nao ➝ Natsu  ➝ Rei ➝ Riki  ➝ Satou


| the weight loss part | ᕦ(⊙ヮ⊙)ᕤ

So~ since I’ve been close enough to my goal weight I joined the gym. It is amazing what a difference it makes, even just the few times I’ve been. While I haven’t dropped another pant size yet, operation: slim up! has been doing well~ I’ve been focusing on toning ze legs and ze arms~ It’s great fun, going to the gym. I did start by listening to my drama CDs, but have since switched to plain ol’ music. It was kinda weird and out of place to have Yonaga Tsubasa tell me I was so cute and treat me like a princess when I felt like a great big, sweaty  walrus. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

My mantra for the gym is “I’m not here to be cute, I’m here to tone up!” I have to keep telling myself that because all the other girls workout in coordinated, fashionable outfits… and I’m in oversized tees and long gym pants. I want to be like “no, really, I’m rather fashionable everywhere else but this is the gym! DON’T JUDGE ME BY MY SWEATS!”    щ(◕д◕щ)

Current motivations~

Until ze next time~!

The fashionable Tantei Gakuen

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I’ve been trying to fill my Sylph void with other anthology magazines, but to no avail… so far I’ve tried out Asuka, Zero-Sum and B’s Log Kyun! It’s just not the same… I’d like otoge-esque, and no BL. Which I’m finding to be a harder task than one would think… I’ll probably do a mini-summery of the series I liked from each magazine, though~

I have some new (old!) otoge coming! They should be here in about two weeks… (유∀유|||) If none of the items are out-of-stock, I should receive the following: ze list

* 水の旋律 (PS2)
* 水の旋律 2 ~ 緋の記憶 (PS2)
* L2 Love x Loop (PS2)
* 緋色の欠片 (PS2)
* うるるんクエスト (PS2)
* いっしょにごはん。(first volume of the manga)

I’m not sure which title I’m the most excited about~! Which title would ya’ll like to hear about the most~?

My first otoge summery is going to be about 原宿探偵学園スチールウッド(which I always end up calling 新宿探偵学園…) It’s really fun, and I think it will be a good starting point. I might have to do it a character at a time, but that’s just how slow I am~!

What’s funny about Harajuku Tantei Gakuen is I went into the game thinking it had a serious premise… so when Hirasaka Sensei was stabbed during the opening ceremony, I was disturbed that the Principle was taking it so well. I’m actually glad it turned out to be more fun and lighthearted~ Hibiki is a cutie~ there isn’t any character I really dislike, though I don’t like the real reason Kaoru falls in love with Yuki… It’s sad.

Yuki decides to attend the same school that her older sister, Aki, attended. She decides to do so because her sister was killed before she could graduate, thus never being able to fulfill her dream of being a detective. (because it’s a detective school) Everyone knows that there are giant campuses for niche professions… in the world of otoge, at least. Because if you’re going to have a setting, it may as well be a school. Yuki attends because she weirdly believes that her becoming a detective will somehow fulfill her dead sister’s dreams…

Dead sister: …but I’m still dead.  (ಠ_ಠ)

Yuki: -So I’ll become a detective and make everyone happy~! ヽ(*´∀`)ノ

Dead sister: Steal my thunder will you??! Why don’t you take a cue from Dr. Frankenstein and bring me back to life? Do something useful for a change, geez!  (ノ`∩´)ノ

Yuki: don’t think so~ ヽ(*´∀`)ノ

Dead sister: …you murdered me, didn’t you?   (llಠ ,ಠ )

So, logically reason aside, Yuki attends the school. Once there you get assigned as teams, with Yuki and the potential love interests being grouped as Team 5. Each team member (aside from the Heroine, I assume) all have special talents when it comes to detective work. For instance, Hibiki is excellent at looking for physical evidence, Yuu’s is criminal psychology, and Junnosuke doesn’t actually have a particular skill per say, but he’s the mood maker of the group. (he’s very genki) Depending on your level of affection with a character, they’ll help you during the tests when a question about their specialty comes up. (I haven’t played Junnosuke’s route yet, so I’m not sure what he’d help you with…) Aside from your three classmates, Kyuusuke Hirasaka-Sensei and Kaoru (who used to attend the Detective school) have routes.

I started with Hibiki, because he’s so adorable AND his seiyuu is non-other than Yuuki Kaji~! He.is.so.cute! Hibiki speaks quite slowly and uses です a LOT. He likes cats~ (I thought it was really cute when he said he did~) Once you meet the “rival” team, every character sort of gets their own polar opposite rival. Hibiki’s is a brat-shota named Kyou. It’s so cute though, because Hibiki doesn’t think they’re enemies (he thinks they’re friends) ~

Horikita Yuki

| Routes |

Matsuyama Yuu

Akizuki Juunosuke

Misato Hibiki

Hirasaka Kyousuke

Fuyou Kaoru

Also, permit me to say how disappointed I am that Minami-sensei doesn’t have a route…

Because he’s mighty fine~! (∩゜∀`∩) The term “stud muffin” seems appropriate

When I was playing and met him for the first time, I was like “Dang! Why aren’t you catchable?!”

[next post]

More Hibiki + route guide
水の旋律 characters / story

Until the next time~!